ConocoPhillips is a long-time sponsor of the Mud Between My Toes program at Ralph Klein Park offered to young Calgarians in grades one to seven.

Since 2006, through a mix of classroom learning and outdoor field experience in Canada’s largest man-made wetland, this unique program has provided 11,000 students – plus teachers and parent volunteers – with the opportunity to learn about the importance of urban wetlands and how urban and natural environments are connected.

Mud Between My Toes has been so successful that, in recent years, demand for the program has exceeded capacity. This prompted Calgary Parks to build a new dock at the park to provide additional dedicated space for the program.

The City of Calgary named the new dock after ConocoPhillips to acknowledge our support for the program. On June 17, after a short naming ceremony, the new dock was open for Calgarians to participate in Mud Between My Toes activities as part of the City’s annual Parks Fest.

“We’re pleased that our support for Mud Between My Toes has enabled Calgary Parks to increase capacity for the program so that even more young Calgarians can benefit,” said Evelyn Ferchuk, Director of Communications and Community Investment.

“Supporting educational initiatives that promote environmental stewardship in communities where we operate is an important part of our community investment strategy.”