Technology & Innovation

From the corporate office to the well site, our scientists and engineers work together every day to acquire and apply technologies that increase our profitability and reduce our environmental impacts.

A successful business and a responsible business are not mutually exclusive. Whether it’s capturing fugitive emissions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money in our conventional operations, or developing new oil sands recovery technologies that help us use less water and burn less costly natural gas, we’re using technology to create win-win solutions to today’s energy problems.


With a strong history of proven results, conventional technologies provide the stability we need to keep doing what we do well.


Despite the belief that hydraulic fracturing is a new process, it has actually been safely used for about 60 years in Canada.


The hydrocarbon resource found in Canada’s oil sands is called bitumen. Because it does not flow like conventional crude oil, it must be mined or heated underground before it can be processed.


The steam-assisted gravity drainage recovery technique we use at our Surmont facility requires the production of steam using large boilers called once-through steam generators, or OTSGs.


At a SAGD development like Surmont, steam is injected into the ground to melt subsurface bitumen, which reduces its viscosity enough that it can be extracted.


Our current method of in-situ extraction is called steam-assisted gravity drainage – or SAGD.

Flow Distribution Control

Our Surmont facility uses a process called steam-assisted gravity drainage – or SAGD – to recover bitumen resources.